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Phone number validation REST API.
Simple, Free, and Open Source.

~ $ curl { "valid": true, "number": "12015550123", "e164Format": "+12015550123", "internationalFormat": "+1 201-555-0123", "nationalFormat": "(201) 555-0123", "countryCode": "US", "countryPrefix": "1", "countryName": "United States" } ~ $|

NumValidate is an open source REST API that provides a simple yet effective way to validate and format a phone number.

Available plans



  • Fully-featured validation
  • Up to 100 daily API requests



  • Fully-featured validation
  • Up to 1000 daily API requests
  • API tokens generation



  • Fully-featured validation
  • Up to 10000 daily API requests
  • API tokens generation
  • Private email support


How are phone numbers validated?

NumValidates is powered by Google LibPhoneNumber, a phone number formatting and parsing library released by Google, originally developed for (and currently used in) Google's Android mobile phone operating system, which uses several rigorous rules for parsing, formatting, and validating phone numbers for all countries/regions of the world.

What should I use NumValidate for?

Validating a phone number allows you to keep your user database clean and fight frauds by validating phone numbers at the point of entry into your system.
NumValidate also allows you to format a phone number in the E164 format, which is the standard that you should use for safely storing you phone numbers.

What's the reason behind the rate limiting?

Simply put: the rate limit ensures an high quality of service for all API consumers.
To enjoy the default rate limit of 1000 requests per day, you'll need to sign-up for a free account and then head to your dashboard to generate an API keys.

Why is there a paid plan? Isn't this a free project?

The paid plan should be the main way to pay up the infrastructure.
However, this is an open source project: You can find all its code on Github, and if you think that the proposed price for the pro plan is too high you're free to install it in your own server.
Payments can be made via Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diner's Club) and are secured by Stripe.
You can change your payment method at any given time in the Payment section of your Account Dashboard.

Could you tell us the story behind NumValidate?

Of course!
NumValidate was born in the summer 2017 from a meeting between the holiday boredom and the desire to test myself in building a "simple API gateway".
You can see by yourself in the Github repository that only a small portion of the code handles the phone number validation, while the biggest part of the project just supports the authentication, caching and API token management.

Is there any way I can support the project?

I'm putting this in the FAQ even if we all know this is not a frequent question by any means シ.
If you're liking NumValidate, the best way to support the project is by contributing to it on Github: Pull requests with new features/fixes and discussions are warmly welcomed.